Summer on a plate: 10 vibrant salads you’ll crave again and again

Montage of summer salads

When the heat is on, we reach for a cold, crisp salad. We scoured the internet for salads that fit that bill, salads that are colorful, celebrate the produce of summer, and are new takes on old formulas, with influences from Asia and South America. Here you’ll find creations from well-known sites like Food & Wine and Milk Street as well as smaller food blog sites.

These salads look great on a summer picnic table as a side for grilled chicken, burgers, fish, seafood–whatever your pleasure. And they make a great grab-from-the-fridge meal for a hot summer day.

Thai-Inspired Corn Salad

Thai corn salad

The cooks at Food & Wine dress sliced corn from the cob, green beans, and cherry tomatoes with a Thai-style combination of chili, fish sauce and lime juice for a flavorful summer salad. GET THE RECIPE:


Guatemalan-Style Radish and Mint Salad

Guatemalan radish mint salad

Picado de rábano is a traditional Guatemalan chopped radish and mint salad. Milk Street’s version combines the radish’s pepperiness with tangy-sweet citrus and chilies for a deliciously refreshing side. GET THE RECIPE:


Burmese Tomato Salad with Shallots and Peanuts

Burmese tomato salad

Garden ripe tomatoes mix with peanuts, chilies, chickpea flour, and pepper flakes for a lively, vibrant salad that echoes the flavors of Burma. GET THE RECIPE:


Asian-Style Coleslaw

Thai style slaw

We can’t get enough of this Asian version of coleslaw. Green and red cabbage, peanuts and herbs meet a sweet, sour, umami, salty dressing to yield a perfect BBQ side or fish taco topping. GET THE RECIPE:


Charred Corn with Chilies, Lime, and Coconut

ccharred corn salad

Corn kernels pair with coconut to make a delicious savory-sweet side that’s perfect for cookouts or potlucks. GET THE RECIPE:


Mediterranean Cantaloupe Salad with Olives and Mint

Mediterranean cantaloupe salad

I have been craving this salad since I had a similar dish at a Spanish restaurant in Brooklyn years ago. Sweet cantaloupe cubes, red onion, olives, parsley, and mint are tossed with a honey-lemon dressing. GET THE RECIPE:

Roasted Mini Pepper Salad

Roasted pepper salad

A blend of red, yellow, and orange sweet mini peppers, salty feta cheese, and fresh herbs are topped with a sweet and tangy balsamic dressing to create the perfect side for burgers, grilled chicken, pan fried fish. GET THE RECIPE: 


Chilean Celery and Avocado Salad

Celery avocado salad

Ensalada de Apio con Palta is a traditional Chilean dish of diced celery and avocado. In the Milk Street version, sliced radishes provide a beautiful contrasting color and a pepperiness that plays off the smooth, creamy avocado. GET THE RECIPE:


Cantaloupe Salad With Cucumber & Feta

Cantaloupe cucumber salad

This healthy, refreshing cantaloupe salad is made with cucumber, fresh mint, lime, and feta cheese. A big bowl of this says “lunch.”  GET THE RECIPE:


Black Rice Salad with Cherries and Plums

Black rice cherry plum salad

Chewy black rice, fresh plums and cherries. and crunchy blue cheese–infused breadcrumbs combine for a juicy, hearty summer salad.   It’s spectacular when served alongside sautéed or grilled duck breast. GET THE RECIPE:

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