50 somewhat clever stocking stuffers she’ll love

assorted stocking stuffer gifts

Best friends from high school, spin cycle pals, walking partners–there are always people in your life that you want to remember at Christmas with a small gift, a little something, a “stocking stuffer.”  But small doesn’t have to be boring, nor do these gifts need to break the bank. This is our list of the interesting, useful, and surprisingly inexpensive stocking stuffers we’ll be giving our friends and family this Christmas–all for around $10.


in flight cocktail mixer

1. Cocktail Kit in a Travel Tin

Throw one of these tins into your pocket or bag to enjoy a sophisticated inflight cocktail in your economy seat. Each kit includes 1 oz. mixer, jigger, bar spoon, and recipe card. Just add spirits. Your choice of Cosmo, Bellini, or Margarita. $9.99 at




2. Jet Lag is for Amateurs Luggage Tag

The perfect luggage tag  for the well-traveled woman who knows how to span time zones. Certain to end confusion at baggage claim. Personal information is printed on the back.  $9.50 at



Tree earrings

3. Christmas Tree Dangle Earrings

These Christmas tree dangling earrings make a festive addition to any outfit. Large enough that they are noticeable but small enough to be tasteful. $10.99 at




4. Leopard Knot Headband

Headbands are back as a popular fashion accessory. Just slide one on to add a little polish to your appearance–especially in a sassy leopard print.  $7.99 at J.Crew Factory




luggage scale

5. Digital Luggage Scale

No more standing on the bathroom scale trying to peer over your hefty bag to see your, and your suitcase’s, combined weights. This hanging baggage scale makes it so easy. Weighs bags up to 110lb/50kg. $9.99 at


mahjong wine charms

6. Mahjong Wine Charms

Mahjong mavens the world over will love these mahjong wine charms. Use on stemmed glasses filled with wine or a creative mocktail at your next mahjong party. $9.95 at



Kale candy canes

7. Kale Candy Canes

Eat your vegs? These kale candy canes may not be as healthy as the real thing but they’re a lot easier to swallow. $6.50 at




8. Moroccan Treats 4-Cookie Box

Based on the same recipes their mothers, grandmothers, and generations of women before them used, the tam at Meska Sweets  make perfect artisanal cookies with the authentic tastes and flavors of Morocco.  Orange Blossom and Almond Moroccan Macarons are pictured here.  $9.00 for a four-cookie treat box at



chocolate tahini cups

9. Dark Chocolate Coconut Sugar Tahini Cups

A luxurious blend of tahini and coconut sugar, enrobed in rich 79% dark chocolate, with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Eat Chic Chocolates is a woman-owned, Brooklyn-based confection brand.  $7.95 for a box of four at


Mediation beads10. 7 Chakras Healing Crystals Bracelet

Double layer 6mm Chakra beads are designed for stress relief, meditation, yoga, and essential oil diffuser. $9.99 at


foot massage roller

11. TheraFlow Foot Massage Roller

This simple roller stimulates and relaxes soft tissue on feet, hands and body to help relieve aches and soreness. $8.95 at



silk sleep mask

12. Kimkoo Silk Sleep Mask

This natural silk mask hugs your face gently to block out unwelcome light and get a good night’s sleep. $8.84 at



deck of yoga post cards

13. The Yoga Deck: 50 Poses & Meditations

This beautifully illustrated deck of fifty yoga poses and meditations gives detailed instructions, benefits, and an affirmation. These portable cards are perfect for stress relief, promoting strength and energy, and relaxation–anytime, anywhere. $8.51 on



Wrist walletg for sports activities

14. Wrist Wallet (Wristband) with Zipper

A zipper wristband is a convenient place to stash cash, keys, lip balm, etc., while you’re at yoga, walking, playing tennis, cycling, and otherwise active. Available in small and large sizes. $7.99 at


Shower fizzies

15. Aromatherapy Natural Shower Steamers

This handmade aromatherapy shower bomb produces a refreshing fragrance that enticingly uplifts your spirits, deeply cleanses the palette, and quickly melts away stress. As soon as a bit of water hits the shower bomb, it will release the aroma to fill your shower with the tantalizing scent. $5.56 at


16. Lavender and Bergamot Organic Sleep Balm

The gift of sleep is the perfect stocking stuffer. This blend of lavender and bergamot essential oils promotes a sense of well-being so sleep can come naturally. $9.45 at



Hempz lip balm

17. Hempz Minted Sugar & Spiced Nutmeg Hydrating Herbal Lip Balm

Herbal Lip Balm by Hempz helps hydrate lips in need of moisture. Lips feel soft, smooth and conditioned, ideal for chapped lips. Enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil. $6.99 at Ulta.



Vaseline Pink Bubbly lip therapy

18. Vaseline Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy

Once available exclusively at Selfridges in London, Vaseline Pink Bubbly lip therapy is one of our favorite beauty products. This luxurious gel is enriched with champagne grape extract to pamper and moisturize dry lips. $8.34 at


The Yellow Bird Soap Bar

19. The Yellow Bird Patchouli, Hemp Oil and Rhassoul Clay Soap

Patchouli and geranium essential oils have a long history in traditional medicine for treating many skin problems. Rhassoul Clay is known to purify and clear clogged pores, and hemp oil is  sought after for its moisturizing and skin calming attributes. $9.95 at



essential oils set20. Set of 6 Aromatherapy Oils

This set of essential aromatherapy oils is ideal for trying different essences.  Scents include lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, and peppermint.  Packaged in dark amber bottles.  $10.99 on


nail strengthening cream

21. Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthener

A tonic for nails that split, chip, peel, and crack. This coconut scented cream has been strengthening nails and conditioning cuticles for over 25 years.  $7.94 at



Lavender foot mask

22. Lavender Foot Mask by Sephora

This gentle lavender and menthol foot mask is a welcome antidote for tired and aching feet. Alleviates fatigue, soothes, and refreshes in as little as 20 minutes thanks to lavender extract and menthol.  $5.00 at



Clinique mini lipsticks

23. Clinique Almost Lipstick Mini Duo

These two lip balms moisturize while delivering just the right amount of color for a natural look. Black Honey is a buildable color. Pink Honey is very sheer with a tiny bit of a tint. $9.50 at




shea sugar scrub stocking sruffer

24. Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub

Skin will feel soft and smooth after using this gentle, floral-scented sugar scrub. It’s formulated with certified shea butter and an array of natural oils, including evening primrose, safflower seed, sweet almond, avocado, and orange oil.  $6.49 at


Foot cream stocking stuffer

25. Life & Pursuits Organic Foot Healing Cream

Are those 10,000 steps a day playing havoc with your feet? Life & Pursuits Organic Foot Cream with essential Ayurveda herbs heals and soothes affected areas by reducing cracks and roughness and sealing moisture in the skin.  $7.99 on


Wild bird playing cards

26. Birds of Eastern/Central North America Playing Cards

For the budding bird watcher on your list, this colorful deck of playing cards features 54 different birds, from the Red-bellied Woodpecker to the Purple Martin. $9.95 on


wildflower seeds

27. Wildflower Seeds, Pollinator Mix

Help save the bees by adding these plants in your landscape. Because many flowering plants typically have a brief but specific flowering time, offering a range of plants provides needed sustenance for bees and butterflies in spring, summer and fall.  $3.95 for the small packet, which covers 100-200 sq. ft., from



Portable phone charger

28. Portable Charger Power Bank

Your phone will never die on you again. This ultra slim external cell phone battery charger has two USB ports to quickly charge your electronics. An Amazon’s Choice product. $9.99 at



password logbook

29. Internet Address & Password Logbook

Tired of losing track of the websites you visit, along with all those usernames and passwords? Now you can keep them all in one convenient place. $6.33 at



30. RFID Blocking Sleeves, Set With Color Coding

Identity protection is a necessity these days, whether traveling or at home. RFID secure sleeves are designed to protect credit cards, money cards, identification cards, and passports from electronic fraud or theft. $9.85 at



mini scoops31. Beaded Stainless Steel Mini Scoop

These dainty stainless-steel scoops are perfect for scooping out candy, tea, jelly beans, nuts, and anything small from a bowl. In your choice of colors. $6.50 at



32. Wine Bottle Stoppers

The best thing about these silicone stoppers is that they lie flat, so your half-consumed bottle of wine can fit in the refrigerator. Air-tight seal keeps opened wine and champagne from going bad. Easy to remove, they come in random colors. $10.45 at


nail files

33. Professional Colorful Mini Finger Nail Files

For purse, desk, car, or home, this set of mini emory boards offers a variety of colors and grits so you will have everything you need.  Their convenient size will allows you to take them when you travel. 12 files, six combinations. $5.99 at



mini magnifying glass

34. Mini Magnifying Glass

This handy magnifying glass helps with the fine print when grocery shopping–objects are 10x more visible. The glass lens is protected by a soft felt lining covered in vegan leather. $6.69 at


Ruth Bader Ginsberg finger puppet and frig magnet


35. Finger Puppet Refrigerator Magnets of Famous Personalities

RBG and 100 other artists, writers, scientists, philosophers, and pop-culture icons are here to hold notes on your refrigerator and banter with each other on your fingers. $8.99 at


36. Energizer Clip-On Book Light

Often it is difficult to get the right light when you’re reading in bed. This compact book light has advanced LED technology to create natural reading conditions that go easy on the eyes. Lasts for 25 hours. $6.79 at




Metallic feather bookmarks

37. Vintage Feather Metal Bookmarks

Surprise the members of your book club with this unusual gift for booklovers—metal feather bookmarks. Small, pretty, and colorful, they fit securely into books of any size. $5.99 at



Florentine note cards

38. Florentine Note Cards

These finely-crafted Florentine inspired notecards feature a Renaissance-inspired floral motif in bold red, brown, and gold. Includes 14 cards and 15 matching envelopes. $8.99 at


Pocket notebook in attractive print


39. Chafarcani Pocket Notepads

Fabric inspired Chafarcani pocket notepads are the perfect size to carry with you, keep on a side table, or store in a drawer. The 75-sheet pad features a magnetic closure and measures 3″ x 4.”  $18 for set of 4 notebooks, each a different design, from French General.


Famous painting socks

40. Women’s Famous Painting Crew Socks

Feel the need to scream? You’ll feel better with Edvard Munch on your feet. Famous oil paintings meet fashion and comfort in these snuggly socks, each to match your mood.  Four pairs for $10.99 at



Holiday kitchen towel


41. Nostalgic Holiday Kitchen Towel

This brightly patterned holiday towel is a favorite of ours. With vintage red pickup trucks bringing the family Christmas tree home, it’s sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. $4.79 at



OXO avocado peeler, pitter and slicer

42. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

This is the kitchen gadget you didn’t know you needed—skins, pits, and slices an avocado in seconds. $9.99 at


compact knife sharpener

43. Compact knife sharpener

You’ll never suffer a dull knife again with this compact knife sharpener. Carbide blades (coarse) quickly set a knife’s edge. Ceramic rods (fine) hone the edge until smooth. $5.99 at


Jacks and balls

44. A Game of Jacks

A trip down memory lane. Adults and children alike will enjoy this classic, portable game, also known as onesies, knucklebones, jackstones, jackrocks, and fivestones. $9.99 at




Spiced Christmas tea

45. Taylors of Harrogate Spiced Christmas Tea

This Spiced Christmas Tea is a special blend of tangy lemon peels, fruit orange peels, and mellow, warming cinnamon–the flavors and scents of the season. It’s the perfect treat for a blustery winter afternoon. $9.00 at



Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark bites

46. Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark Bites

Made according to the original Williams-Sonoma recipe, this nostalgic confection is a heavenly mix of peppermint-infused semisweet chocolate, creamy white chocolate, and crunchy peppermint bits. Four bars for $16.95 at



Popbar chocolate on a stick

47. Hot Chocolate Sticks

Fill your mug with hot milk, place the hot chocolate stick in, and stir until the chocolate dissolves completely. Simply delicious! $19.99 for six individually wrapped chocolate sticks at


Whisky marshmellows

48. Viveltre Bourbon Marshmallows

These luxuriously rich marshmallows are handcrafted from the highest quality ingredients and infused with Maker’s Mark® Bourbon. A truly adult treat! $5.99 at


Snowman mug

49. Snowman Drawing Ceramic Mug

Let it snow, let it snow. Reach for this mug, fill it with hot chocolate, and curl up with a good book. $7.93 at



NYC taxi calendar

50.  For the woman who has everything

The 2020 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar features 12 scintillating (and good-humored) yellow cab drivers, eager to enhance your daily living experience.  You’ll feel a sense of solidarity when you get splashed with black slush trying to hail a cab this winter. A portion of each calendar sale benefits University Settlement, which serves over 40,000 immigrant and working individuals and families in New York City every year. A budget busting $14.95  from

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