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August Sun – by Rhonda Baker

The birth of August is upon us, as the fair haired sun rises in the sky
With songs of the cicada unwinding, the sand hill Cranes sail by
The heat is hovering all around us, we feel heavy in its grip
To break free from its bonds, from its clutches we must rip
Shade gives little relief, to this melting, bending soul
A river full of water, is not enough to quench this foe
Only darkness breaks the curse, that the day could not hide
Relief is but short…and that too must subside
For August is just arriving, her journey’s just begun
It’s only just beginning; her moment in the sun

August is the month we look forward to all winter, until it arrives. Then we feel we must escape, to mountain lakes, to the seashore, to the Arctic Circle. Blue Hare will join the throngs chasing the slowly waning light, enjoying afternoon naps and farmers markets and beach chairs under umbrellas and the solar eclipse on August 21st. Before powering down our laptops, though, we posted a few articles designed for August reading.

If you spend part of your summer dreaming of traveling through Europe but believe you don’t have the bank account to match, have heart: our Athens-based editor found some budget alternatives to hotels so you can spend less and stay longer. If you desire peace and quiet in your own home, we have apps for your landlines and mobile phones that will keep robocalls at bay.

The month of August has also seen some grim events, notably the beginning of the First World War. Our book recommendation this month, The Guns of August, takes you through the first events and bad decisions of that war, almost in real time if you start reading it now. It reads like a thriller.

We continue to unearth great recipes for summer meals. There are a few more that didn’t make the deadline, so keep checking back.  We will post the articles on the BLUE HARE website as they become available, so check back throughout the month. Or follow us on Facebook to get notified in real time.

If you have an idea for an article or would like to write for us, or if you have a question about a topic send us an email or post a comment on Facebook.

We’ll be back in September with more travel ideas, a look at digital currency, style and beauty trends, and a new binge-watching lineup.

Now, enjoy this month’s BLUE HARE.


Photo by Zachariou Fotini (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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